Health Equity

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Parks & Playgrounds are for EVERYONE!

Westside Park provides an inclusive and inviting green space, is within walking distance of neighborhood residents, and for some, is the only outdoor recreation option. Parks and playgrounds enable and encourage people of all ages to exercise, and provide children with a place to play which is critical for child development. Parks are an integral part of the infrastructure that supports healthy, stable communities while improving psychological and social health.

Serving Lowell Elementary School

  • Lowell’s current enrollment is 310 students with a total school capacity of 500. Enrollment is expected to grow to 365 students within 5 years and to reach capacity within 10 years
  • 90% of of Lowell students qualify for the MCPS free and reduced meal program
  • Westside Park/Lowell Elementary serve as an MCPS free summer meal program site
  • 15% of students qualify for additional special education services
  • 30% of Northside/Westside residents fall below the federal poverty level, verses 19% city-wide

Meeting the Needs of the Community

  • Westside Park’s Playground has exceeded its life expectancy of 20 years and needs to be replaced within 9 – 12 months
  • The park is the primary green space and playground for the Northside/Westside neighborhood and Lowell Elementary School
  • A park and playground with improved visibility, increased capacity and play value, inclusive infrastructure, and additional green space is needed to meet the needs of this vibrant and expanding neighborhood.